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Vasiliy Sitnikov - Vasya - officially insane, a man without a passport, in and out of mental institutions, key figure of the nonconformist art movement in the Soviet Union. Vasya left behind astonishing artworks, some of which found their way into the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Yet he remains a compelling, controversial mystery. Who was this incredible artist? Why does his legend still confound those who knew him? In this award winning meta-documentary, filmmaker blending documentary and animated footage, creates a portrait of a man, an artist and the society around him.

Andrei Zagdansky and Vasily Sitnikov's painting in Austria. Suburb of Vienna, February 2001.

XXIV Moscow IFF, 2003

IFF "Message to Man"
St. Petersburg, Russia, 2003

Jury Award Film Festival “Window to Europe” 
Vyborg, Russia, 2003

Red Shift FF, 
Anthology Film Archive, NYC 2003

Moscow Human Rights IFF, 2002

Jury Award
New York Exposition of Short Film & Video, 2002

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Key credits 

Conceived, directed, edited by Andrei Zagdansky
Animation by Signe Baumane
Cameraman Yevgeni Smirnov
Original score by Alexander Goldstein
Produced by Andrei Zagdansky
Co-producer Andrei Razumovsky

60 Minutes
A co-production of AZ Films LLC and Fora Films LLC
©2002 AZ Films LLC.


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