Konstantin and Mouse

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In 1972 a collection of Russian poetry by five young St. Petersburg poets was published in New York . The book was called The Living Mirror. Two of the young poets – Konstantin Kuzminsky and Josef Brodsky soon immigrated to the United States .

Josef Brodsky became famous, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1987 and died of heart attack nine years later. 
Such a fulfilled destiny has eluded Konstantin, so far. L'Enfant terrible of the Russian literati Konstantin K. Kuzminsky lives in a tiny upstate New York village, on the bank of the Delaware River in an old shanty house near a railway crossing. His freedom is complete. His devotion to art is absolute.
He lives with his books, his art collection, his cats and his poetry.

DocuDays, Kiev, 2014
Andrei Zagdansky retrospective

XVIII Documentary Film Festival "Russia"
Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2007

Jury Award
Human Rights Film Festival
Moscow, Russia, 2006

XXIX Moscow IFF, 
Russia, 2007 

“Flahertiana” IDFF
Perm, Russia, 2006

Kostya and Mouse (2006) on IMDb
Key credits 

Concieved, directed and edited by Andrei Zagdansky

Yevgeniy Smirnov,
Igor Chepusov,
Andrei Zagdansky

Original score 
Alexander Goldstein

Andrei Zagdansky

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