Award-winning transnational filmmaker Andrei Zagdansky received MFA from Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Arts in Kiev, Ukraine.

  His first feature documentary "Interpretation of Dreams" (1990), juxtaposed the filmmaker’s dialog with Sigmund Freud and the history of the Soviet Union. The result was “interesting and provocative” (Vincent Canby, The New York Times), "astonishing marriage of Freudian thinking and history” (Boston Globe). 

 He then directed/edited a number of  feature documentaries, among them "Vasya", a "hybrid" film that freely intertwines documentary footage with animated reenactments, "Konstantin and Mouse", about an avant-garde figure and performance poet Konstantin K. Kuzminsky and "Orange Winter" , that chronicles and dissects political turmoil in the streets of Kiev in 2004. 

 "Orange Winter" is more than a mere history lesson. Like Norman Mailer's nonfiction novel "The Armies of the Night,"... this movie characterizes a body politic as a living thing, and charts its internal changes as if it were the protagonist in a drama”. 

Matt Zoller Seitz, The New York Times more...

 In 2010 he produced/directed his most personal film, about his father, Evgeni Zagdansky.
 "My Father Evgeni" is "a smart, impressionistic documentary about the passage of historical time as experienced by father and son”. (George Robinson). 

 In 2012 Andrei produced/directed video installation Trottoirs de Paris for a a special gala event and exhibtion celebrating Mihail Chemiakin 70th birthday. 

 In 2015 Andrei completed a feature documentary "Vagrich and the Black Square" about his late friend, an avant-garde artist Vagrich Bakhchanyan. 
 The film-collage blends documentary, animation and stage footage in an uplifting tribute to a free-thinking man. 

 He is currently working on a number of projects in development. Among them are "Michael and Daniel" and "National Museum".


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