National Museum

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February 21, 2014 marked a new chapter in the history of Ukraine.
The project explores the state of a country in transition, through a century old institution that appears to be the least susceptible to changes: National Art Museum of Ukraine.
The daily life and routines of tour guides, security guards, curators, restorers, visitors and the art works themselves shape the story line of the feature documentary.

Long hidden from public view, Ukrainian avant-garde moves into the exposition halls, stories of killed and exiled artists come to the forefront of the national psyche, and painting that once were the pride of Socialist realism move into obscurity.

The seemingly isolated and quite universe of the museum reveals countless connections to the bigger picture – the war torn, struggling country.

Key credits 

Concept Andrei Zagdansky
Director Andrei Zagdansky
DoP Vladimir Guyevsky
Line producer Olga Beskhmelnitsyna
Producer Gennady Kofman

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