Michail and Daniel

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Michail is an artist. He is working on a series of paintings called “Franz Kafka’s Diary”.
His son Daniel is thirty-four, yet his life is barely separable from the life of his father.
He is deaf and mute, and suffers from a severe form of cerebral palsy.
Michail is determined and energetic, Daniel – persistent and charismatic.
The pair is unique and so is their story. And yet, there is something universal in this saga of father and son.


Odessa International Film Festival,  
Nomination Best European Documentary (2018)

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 Andrei Zagdansky’s powerful documentary portrait entitled Michail and Daniel about an artist working on a series of portraits entitled “Franz Kafka’s Diary” and his deaf and mute son who also suffers from cerebral palsy. Returning to the subject of a short film shot two and a half decades earlier Zagdansky provides us with a meditative and observational masterpiece on the heroism of this striking family.

Giuliano Vivaldi Sense of Cinema

Key credits 

Concieved and directed by 
Andrei Zagdansky
Vladimir Guevsky, 
Andrei Zagdansky
Gennady Kofman,
Andrei Zagdansky
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