Michail and Daniel

“Michail and Daniel” tells a simple story of father and son.
Michael is an artist and a widower. His wife – Daniel’s mother – Marina was killed in a bus accident in 1988.
Daniel is thirty-three. He is deaf and effected with a severe form of cerebral palsy.
They both from Ukraine and they both live in the Czech Republic now.

Twenty-five years ago Michail found a clinic in a tiny town of ┼Żeleznice (than Czechoslovakia), where they treated children with CP.
Thanks to Michail’s efforts Daniel started receiving professional care. He began to walk on his own. Freed from moment–to–moment care for Daniel for the first time in years, Michail began to paint again.
Today, twenty–five years later, Michail lives in ┼Żeleznice, where the special clinic used to be. He is an established artist with numerous personal exhibitions in the country.
Michail remarried. His wife is a Czech national and Daniel calls her “mom”.
He is currently working on a series of black and white grotesque paintings "Franz Kafka's Diary." 

Daniel lives independently in a small apartment in Prague. He works part time in a souvenir shop and visits Michail at least twice a month.
Daniel speaks sign language (its Czech version) and has many friends in the deaf community. Proud of his hard won presence he engages the world with a spirit and voracity that transcend his physical limitations.
This is a character study documentary.
We will observe the two main characters – Daniel and Michail – in their personal daily routines, shared moments and in their moments of silence.

This is a work in progress.

Planned release: March–April 2017. 

Key credits 

Concieved and directed by 
Andrei Zagdansky
Vladimir Guevsky, 
Andrei Zagdansky
Gennady Kofman,
Andrei Zagdansky
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